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Ways a Leaky Roof Can Wreak Havoc in Your Home

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Maintaining your roof is essential for a variety of reasons. Leaky cladding, in particular, triggers many other problems. The longer you leave a hole to fester, the more havoc it can wreak. Read on to discover ways a roof leak can cause harm.

Patchy Ceilings and Walls

Rainwater entering through holes in your cladding can leave telltale marks on the ceiling and wall plaster. As these surfaces become saturated, they develop dark stains and patches. The plaster will likely show discoloured areas even if and when it dries out. Eventually, the moisture can cause the paint to peel and the ceiling to crack or warp. 

Mould Infestation

Something you probably want to discourage in your home is a mould infestation. However, a leaky roof can cause just that. Once moisture permeates the plasterboard, it can encourage mould growth to spread across the ceilings and walls. 

Mould releases spores into the air that can contaminate other areas, infecting your air conditioning system, walls and floors. Your home's air quality will deteriorate, and allergy and asthma sufferers may develop respiratory and other issues. 

Increased Energy Bills

If the ceiling insulation is soaked with water, it won't be able to regulate the indoor climate effectively, and you'll likely notice higher energy bills as a result. Both the heating and cooling will need to work harder to reach the optimum or thermostat temperature. 

A hole in the roof cladding also allows the outside temperature into the crawl space so that only the ceiling plaster is separating your rooms from the heat or cold. The roof cavity will no longer be working as a buffer between your home and the outdoors once the air freely flows in through holes in the cladding. By undertaking a roof repair, you'll once more create a regulated ceiling-cavity atmosphere. 

Fire Hazard

Electrical wires often wind their way through the roof cavity, connecting lights and other fixtures such as air conditioning. Rainwater trickling onto the wiring could, in the worst-case scenario, cause a house fire.

Thus, a leaky roof can wreak havoc in your home in various ways. Rainwater can stain your ceilings and walls and trigger a mould infestation that can spread throughout your home, leading to health problems. Additionally, a less-regulated roof cavity will expose your home to hot and cold weather extremes, resulting in higher energy bills. Leaking rainwater could even start a disastrous house fire.

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