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Distinguish Between Re-Roofing And Roof Replacement

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As today's roofing companies expand their product portfolio to meet the needs of their clients, understanding the various roofing solutions can be the most daunting part of planning for your roofing project.

Re-roofing and roof replacement are two roofing services often assumed to mean the same thing, but they are slightly different. Keep reading if you want to restore or renew your current roof but can't decide whether to get it re-roofed and replaced.


Performing roof repairs is a great way to get your roof back into shape. And, as a building owner, you expect to undertake a few minor roof repairs here and there as issues arise with your roof. Unfortunately, repairing your roof is not always the best way to keep it healthy. Over time, problems that require more than just a regular roof repair job can occur.

If your roof is still structurally sound, but a few repairs won't be enough to return it to tip-top condition, re-roofing can be an excellent option.

As the name suggests, re-roofing involves installing a new layer of roofing material directly over the existing one, eliminating the need to tear it off. Roofing over your existing roof is cheaper, faster and safer for the environment because it minimises construction waste.

However, you can only re-roof if you have shingles on your roof. Plus, there are limitations to the number of times re-roofing can be done.

Roof replacement

Is your roof showing signs of significant structural damage as it approaches the end of its expected life? If it is old and structurally weak, a roof replacement will be inevitable.

A roof replacement is often necessary for roofs that require stripping off the old roofing material to address the underlying problems. Replacing a roof takes more time and costs more than a re-roofing job, but it can lead to long-term financial savings. Whenever possible, you should do a roof replacement as a last resort to extend the life of your current roof and reduce landfill waste.

Re-roofing is a viable option if you have a generally good roof that doesn't need a complete replacement. However, some situations warrant a replacement of the entire roof. The best way to determine which roofing solution is right for you is to consult a roofing specialist based in your area. They can assess the condition of your roof and recommend the best roofing service for your needs.