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Are Old Gutters Damaging Your Home?

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Replacing old gutters on your home may not be a priority for you right now. You may think that a few leaks here and there when it rains won't do any harm. However, leaky or broken gutters can result in some structural damage that you shouldn't ignore.

How do old gutters affect your home and what should you do about it?

Water Damage to the Building

If your gutters aren't fit for purpose then they don't carry water away from your home, they let water in. If water builds up in a gutter or runs under your roof or down your walls, then this can cause some damage. If a gutter doesn't carry water away from your roof, then the water may collect around your soffit boards. If these are made from wood, then the wood may start to rot and break. This allows water to get into your roof itself where it can do a lot more damage.

Water running down walls is also a problem. If your guttering diverts water down brickwork, then you run the risk of developing damp problems if this goes on for long enough.

Pest Damage to the Building

Inadequate or poorly-maintained guttering also increases the chances of pests moving into your property. These pests can just be a pain generally; some can damage your home. For example, if one of your soffits gets so water damaged that it starts to break up, then it may leave a hole big enough for possums to get in. Birds may also view this as a good way of nesting indoors.

If your gutters are rotting away areas of wood around your roof, then you may also have problems with insect infestations. Some wood borers enter properties through crumbling wood. They won't stay in that wood, however, and could well damage other areas inside your roof if they aren't dealt with. Plus, if water can't fully drain out of your gutters, then it could attract other insects that cause you problems rather than your house. For example, standing and stagnant water is a magnet for mosquitoes. You probably don't want to share your garden with them.

If your guttering is on its last legs, it makes sense to have it repaired or replaced. The costs of repairing structural or pest damage is likely to cost more than a few new gutters. So, contact local roofing companies and get some quotes about gutter replacement.