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Gutter Upgrades Your Roofer Can Install to Reduce Roofing Damage

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As a homeowner, one of the issues you may have is with your guttering. You may have leaks, older portions of the gutter or continual issues with drainage. These issues can lead to the gutter hanging and pulling on the roofline. This can be especially frustrating for new roofs and recent roof restorations. Here are some of the gutter upgrades you can have installed to help reduce guttering issues.

Gutter Guards

Large leaves and debris can fall into gutters causing clogs and damage. Gutter guards work by preventing leaves and debris from entering the roofing gutter. There are several options you can choose for the gutter guards. The most common is a screen guard that is placed on top of the current guttering system. The screen guard allows water to enter the system while catching the debris.

If you are concerned with debris catching and piling on the screen guard, you can consider the full cover which is angled. It allows water to enter the guttering while sloping and moving the leaves and debris off the roof to the ground below. The reduction of clogs reduces sagging in the guttering, pulling on themselves. The guards come in screen and full shield options. Installation requires placing the guards over the existing gutter system. 

Rain Chains

Erosion at the bottom of your gutters can be a huge issue. The erosion can lead to pooling water as well as possible home foundation issues. Even with a downspout drainage system, the water may still rush out too fast for soil absorption. This can cause erosion, standing water, and flooding. During the summer the standing water can attract bugs as well.

Rain chains help reduce erosion. The rain chain works as a downspout. As the water flows out of your gutter system, it reaches the rain chain. The top cup of the chain fills with rainwater. The water flows to the next cup continuing the process down the chain. This slow drip allows the water to absorb into the soil and reduce erosion or standing water.

Rainwater Harvesters

If you live in an area with heavy rain, then you may consider a rainwater harvesting system. The rainwater harvesters connect to the downspout. The barrel collects the water as it flows from the downspout. Gathering the water allows you to reuse it in the garden or as part of a greywater system in the home. 

Your local roofing contractor can install these guttering upgrades for you to new roofs or as part of a roof restoration project. They can also answer questions about pricing and scheduling installation.