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When Is Metal Roofing Worth the Investment for Your Home?

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Homeowners may not realise that a metal roof can be a good investment for their home, as they often assume that metal is drab and will be very noisy during a storm. However, today's metal roofs are painted, or powder coated a colour that makes them very attractive. Layers of insulating material under the metal roof add to their sound insulation so that they can remain quiet. If you've never thought about having a metal roof installed on your home, note when it may be the best option.

Areas with direct sunlight

If your home is located in the tropics, desert area or other areas with lots of direct sunlight, don't assume that a metal roof will get overly hot and make your home hot. The opposite is actually true; a metal roof can be painted or coated with a reflective paint that bounces sunlight off the roof and keeps your home from absorbing that heat. A metal roof can also be fabricated with curved trenches that keep sunlight off the roof rather than letting it sit and heat your house.

Avoiding a tear-off

Very often, a metal roof can be cut and fabricated to fit right over your existing roof. This depends on how many layers of roofing your home currently has, and how many shingles are missing so that there is a solid foundation for the metal roof. If you don't want shingles to wind up in a landfill or are trying to save money on the cost of a new roof, you can avoid the work of a tear-off by opting for a metal layer over your existing roof.

When your old home starts having weight problems

Thin layers of metal are actually much lighter than other roofing options, so this can be a good choice for an older home that is settling and sinking. Removing the asphalt tiles and replacing these with a lightweight metal roof can mean less weight that your home needs to hold up, and less risk of continued settling.

When you'll be in your home for many years to come

When selling a home, you may want to have the roof replaced, as this can make the house more appealing to homebuyers. However, you may not want to invest in a metal roof for a home that you'll soon be selling, as metal is typically more expensive than asphalt tiles but lasts for many more years. On the other hand, if you plan on living in the home for many years to come, you want a roof that lasts as long as possible, and metal is usually the best option when it comes to durability and longevity.

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