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Signs That You Should No Longer Put Off Roof Repair

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Every homeowner wants to believe that their roofing is solid. Without a roof that is intact, your entire structure is at risk, since it will be exposed to all the weather changes. However, since homeowners do not believe that their roofing will fail them, they tend to underestimate the importance of routine maintenance. When you go without inspections and subsequent maintenance, it is only a matter of time before you will need to overhaul the entire structure via roof replacement. Considering that roof replacement is quite expensive and takes a while to be completed, it is best if you simply resolve to have repairs attended to as the damages crop up. Read on for some warning signs that you should no longer put off roof repairs.

Missing or severely damaged roofing tiles

Your roofing tiles are your first line of defence against the elements. Once these tiles are damaged, water begins to seep steadily into the underlayment and soon will make its way into your home. However, the longevity of roofing tiles will vary depending on your location. Homeowners residing in locations that experience severe weather conditions should check on their roofing tiles more frequently than people in temperate areas, as the rain and heat will cause the tiles to deteriorate. If you notice any signs of cracking, peeling or warping, it is definitely time to have some repairs performed.

Visible sagging

Professional specialists should be the only people to carry out roof inspections. However, with that said, it is still your responsibility to continually check the condition of your roofing. A roof that is in pristine condition should appear even from any side it is being viewed from. If you realise that part of the roof is sagging and thus causing a dip on the surface, it is a clear sign of structural damage that needs immediate repairs.

Evident moisture damage

Although water damage is one of the most common reasons that homes require roof repairs, it does not occur overnight. Therefore, the only way that you can catch water damage early is to keep inspecting the tiles for any changes in their appearance. For instance, the moment your roofing tiles turn colour you should call a roofer to determine the cause. Additionally, if moss is growing on the tiles, it usually means that it is getting sufficient moisture from your roofing to thrive. Lastly, any indicators of mould on your roof, such as the appearance of black spots, means that your tiles need to be replaced. 

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