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Are You Thinking Those Roof Repairs Can Wait? Read This!

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Granted, Australia's climatic conditions are usually pretty temperate. But considering how storm season can be utterly brutal, roof maintenance is crucial if you are to keep a sturdy shelter over your house. Nevertheless, since the roof is not in clear sight, some homeowners will typically not give this structure a second thought—not to mention that if the damage is concealed, you will probably never find out you have roofing damage until it manifests inside your home. The thing to note about ignoring roof repairs is that they almost always lead to leaks in your home. And if these leaks are either undetected or underrated, the entire house will be in dire trouble. If you are among the homeowners that have been putting off roof repairs, read on for the potential damage that is being posed to your property.

Depreciating energy efficiency

While most people just think of their roof as the shingles that are visible, this structure is much more than these components. Your roof is designed with multiple layers that include additional components such as beams, insulation, bedding and so on. These components do not just work to secure the roof and keep it sturdy, but they also function to act as an insulation barrier for your home. Once holes and cracks develop at the surface of your roof, moisture steadily seeps into the structure and penetrates the different layers. With time, your roofing insulation becomes soggy, and your entire home loses its thermal efficiency. Reduced energy efficiency does not just translate into uncomfortable living conditions, but it also means excessive energy is being expended by your air conditioning.

The growth of mould and mildew

The second risk you will be presenting your house with is a mould infestation. When water is making its way into your roofing, it tends to form puddles that are slowly absorbed by the roofing materials. Because these materials are covered and generally out sight, the mould gets a chance to thrive since the water is not drying out. As the mould infestation progresses, the fungi start to reproduce, and soon spores will make their way into the interior of your home. Before you know it, black patches of mould are growing on your ceiling and walls, putting your respiratory health at risk At this point, not only will you need roof repairs, but mould abatement services too! So if you want to save money and reserve the state of your home, it is judicious to seek roof repairs the moment you notice a problem.