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Is a Colorbond Roof Good for Rainwater Harvesting?

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If you're about to replace your roof and you actively harvest rainwater, then your choice of roofing material could affect how much rainwater you can collect. Colorbond metal roofs are considered to be a good option here.

Why is a Colorbond roof so good at collecting rainwater? 

Better Water Flow

Colorbond roofs are made from steel sheets with vertical ridges running down them. These ridges act as channels for rainwater. They encourage the water to run straight down the roof into your gutters. This water then collects in your rainwater tank, ready for use.

While all roofs should also allow water to flow off into guttering, this doesn't always work as well. For example, if you have a tiled roof, then the tiles may impede water flow. If water pools around tile edges, some of it may not reach your gutters or your harvesting system. The water may dry on the roof or splash off it.

Less Water Absorption

Colorbond roofing is made from treated steel. Its final paint surface contains a bonding material that makes it resistant to moisture. Any rainwater that falls on a Colorbond roof simply rolls down the sheets. The coating prevents the water from seeping into the roof or sticking on it. This increases the amount of water you can potentially harvest in your tank

Other roofing materials, such as tiles and concrete, can actually absorb some of the rainwater that falls on them. The water that is absorbed then dries off. This process reduces the amount of water going into your rainwater tank as less runs off the roof in the first place.

Fewer Adverse Effects on Potable Water

If you combine a new Colorbond roof with suitable guttering, then the water you collect from your roof is more suitable for potable use than it might be with other roofing materials. The rainwater runs off the roof quickly without settling. Also, Colorbond materials shouldn't affect water quality or add any impurities to it.

You still need to make sure that your rainwater harvesting system makes water safe, say by adding filters to it. However, the water you collect from a Colorbond roof shouldn't give you any extra problems. This wouldn't be the case if your roof contains substances like lead, tar or bitumen. To find out more about the advantages of choosing a Colorbond roof, and matching guttering if you'll replace that as well, contact local roofing companies.