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5 Reasons to Consider Fibre Cement for Your Roof

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Fibre cement is a popular modified form of cement. Its versatility and strength has caused it to become a popular choice for roofing, cladding as well as siding. More and more people are choosing fibre cement to ensure their buildings are effective. 

Here are five good reasons why you should choose fibre cement roofing for your project.

1. Protection From Fire

Fibre cement sheets protect your building by being fire resistant. Fire accidents are a common occurrence and even one spark can cause trouble for your building. Installing fibre cement sheets allows you to combat fire very fast before the damage is great. They can resist fire by holding up the fire and allowing time for evacuation. This trait makes them a suitable choice for both residential and business premises. 

2. Weatherproof

Its ingredients are resistant moisture, and as a result, they are suitable roofing component for buildings that are waterfront. Additionally, unlike wood and other material, fibre cement sheet is unsuitable as a choice of food for mould, termites or even mildew. These sheets also are immune to shrinkage and swelling due to weather changes. They are moisture resistant because they repel water, and this helps them reduce water leakage. 

3. Keep the Building Cool

In comparison to other lightweight roofing solutions, fibre cement sheets have a low heat conductivity. This trait makes them suitable for buildings that have or are going green. Fibre cement roofing prevents the heat in the atmosphere from entering the interiors, keeping them cool. Because of this advantage, the fibre cement sheets reduce the level of energy consumption of your building, saving costs. Because of this trait, it makes the fibre cement sheets the best choice for internal and external ceilings. 

4. Versatility

Their versatility allows them to be used for other uses and not just roofs. They can make underlays, floorings or ventilated ceiling. The sheets are easy to cut and drill, using normal carpentry tools. This trait eases the processes of installation and modification of roofs. 

5. Sound Absorbent

Fibre cement roofs absorb sounds produced from harsh conditions, such as heavy roofing. They can also prevent gaps and block the dust from penetrating into your home.

The above-mentioned reasons make fibre cement sheets a suitable choice. Its benefits extend from the homeowner to the builder. Now that you know how beneficial it is, contact your fibre cement dealer and get a solution for your building's interior and exterior solutions.