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Answers to Common Questions Regarding Residential Roof Cleaning

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Being a homeowner means having to stay on top of a host of maintenance measures to keep your house in good condition. But while most people are aware of engaging in maintenance measures such as water line leak detection, landscaping, pest control and so on, some overlook the importance of roof cleaning. In fact, some people may even be under the presumption that they can simply hose parts of their roof down and get on with their lives! The reality is that roof cleaning is just as crucial as all other household maintenance measures if the roof is to remain stable and intact. Before you choose to engage in DIY roof cleaning, below are answers to a couple of the common questions regarding residential roof cleaning.

Is algae a threat to roofing supplies?

Algae may seem like an innocuous issue to have with your roofing since it merely degrades the visual appeal of the roof, right? Wrong. While algae is an aesthetic issue, it is a functional problem too. When the algae are left unchecked, it eats through your roofing supplies at a progressive rate. For instance, if you have shingles characterised by limestone fillers, the algae will feed off the limestone, and this loosens said shingles. On the other hand, while it may take longer for metal roofing to degrade, the algae will still damage its surface. Thus, not only should you invest in routine roof inspections but also any signs of algae should have you seeking professional, high-pressure cleaning for your roof.

Is roof cleaning expensive?

One of the most pervasive myths about roof cleaning is that this service is exceedingly overpriced, so most homeowners are unwilling to spend a substantial amount of money for it. In truth, professional roof cleaning can be affordable when you factor in the associated costs you will have to bear when you opt to clean your roof on your own. For instance, the purchasing of high-pressure cleaning equipment not is much costlier than simply hiring a technician who already owns the equipment. In addition to this, if you are to be injured or you are to damage the roof while engaging in the cleaning, you will incur massive expenses than if you simply outsourced this service. You should also note that professional cleaning increases the lifespan of your roof and minimises the number of repairs that this structure will need, so it is in your best interest to enlist these services on a scheduled basis.

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