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Tips When Choosing a Metal Roof for Your Home

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If you're undergoing a roof replacement for your home, one possible material to consider is metal sheet roofing. To find out more about this option, here are several tips.

Corrugated Profiles

Metal sheets come in different corrugation styles, such as a classic orb wave shape or a square, angular profile. Which you choose is part practical and part aesthetic. The grooves channel the rain off the roof and into the guttering. Thus, they need to be deep and wide enough to contain the water and prevent it from overflowing in all directions. That's one reason why flatter roofs sometimes use angular profiles with deeper channels that carry more water.  On steeply-pitched roofs, water streams more quickly, so the roof won't hold so much water at any one point in time. Also crucial is the local rainfall. Your roofing contractor can advise you on what's best for your particular roof pitch and region.

The corrugation style of the sheets also affects the look of your home. If you're covering a classic heritage building, you might prefer a rounded waveshape. For a contemporary or commercial building, you might fancy an angular profile.


Metal roofing is available in a range of colours. You can create a rustic look with a silver roof. Otherwise, the metal comes in various colours such as blue, red, green, grey, beige and many other hues. No matter what colour your home's exterior walls and trim, you'll have no trouble finding a suitable roof colour. Remember that lighter colours reflect more solar heat than darker hues, so if you reside in a hot region, you may prefer paler-coloured roofing that will keep your home cooler.


You may wonder whether your metal roof will rust. After all, it's out in the open in all seasons. Metal roofing often uses a steel base with various protective coatings on top. For example, a zinc film can cover steel to create galvanized steel. Alternatively, a product like Zincalume uses an alloy of zinc, magnesium and other ingredients to protect your roof. Other products like Colorbond often starts with an alloy base like this, which it covers with a baked-on tough paint layer.

Thus, metal roofs feature various coverings to deter moisture and air from eating away at the steel base. However, if you live in a coastal region, the salty and moist air can challenge steel roofing. You could opt for marine grade roofing specifically manufactured to cope with such corrosive conditions in these areas.